Marketing your property

On the leading edge.
From breathtaking video experiences to immersive 3D virtual tours and curated experiences, Lindsay’s bespoke marketing plans are tailored for each home and guaranteed to catch the attention of prospective buyers every where.

Professional Photography

Working with the very best in professional real estate photography, Lindsay offers photos that stand out from the competition and can be found trending on social media.

Video Tours

With many of today’s buyers coming from across the globe, it’s not uncommon for those buyers to send a representative or family member to preview a home on their behalf. Our Dynamic True Video tours allow buyers to see and connect with the seller’s home from anywhere in the world, giving your listing the exposure it deserves.

Open Houses

Every client’s home will be presented in a professional and polished manner ensuring that the utmost attention is brought to every detail of your home’s unique features and attributes.

Social Media

Social media presence acts as a second on-line listing service providing my close group of followers with a firsthand look of coming soon, newly listed as well as behind the scenes footage designed to help connect buyers and agents with my portfolio of gorgeous homes.

Magazine Quality Brochures

Knowing that her clients have invested a significant amount of time, effort and money into making their home perfect, Lindsay believes that the hard work and attention to detail should not end there. Once listed, the client’s home will receive magazine quality brochures containing photos, floor plans and detailed information about the home that buyers can take with them and review later.

Professional Floor Plan Measurements

Accurate measurements and floor plans are a necessity when marketing to today’s sophisticated buyers. Every home will have onsite measurements and computerized floor plans.